Thursday, May 7, 2009

lil girl

i can't believe that my love grows for her everyday. i can't get enough of her. even after the hard days. when she just wants to cry or be crabby all day long. and LONG is not a good word for those days. they are really long. but she captivates me. she captivates my heart. her sweet smell. her big eyes. her soft little feet. i try to take it all in. i really try. because i know this will go by so fast. i can see it's effects already. her shirts are slowly becoming too small. she can use her neck more. her eyes are even becoming wiser. it breaks my heart a little bit. so i'm sure that it just gets worse...that the love grows. this love that breaks my heart in all the right ways. it is a pure love like i have never experienced. it is awe. it is adoration. and it is nothing that compares to jesus' love for me. and that blows my mind. to think that with an almost smile from my 6 week old that my heart leaps, the lord's love cannot even be contained into a sentence. it is so much more.

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