Tuesday, April 21, 2009

it fights death.

i can't stop staring at these little feet. these tiny hands. the goodness of health. the blessing of life created. it is actually pretty unbelievable. this little being formed. and i can't get enough of her. even through sleepy eyes at 3am. i just want to sit and watch her sleep. is all this love solely because she is part of me...and part of david? is it simply because she is mine? and what a clear picture Christ's love for me is in this little girl. the feeling in my chest as i look at her. although these 4 weeks have been hard. really hard. my heart swells when i look at her. i want to smile just thinking about her. this is the beauty of holy love from god. i am loved simply because i am His. and not just loved in our broken down sense of the word that we often assign to cars and jeans. but in the real sense of the word. love so real that it hurts. love so pure that it needs nothing back. love so true it fights death.

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gummybears. said...

i love the way you talk about this pure love. love that moves mountains and parts seas. and i love to hear you talk about your daughter because its a sweet remind of not only how Jesus loves me, but how my mommy loves me. :D